Curtain Poles & Tracks

We supply and fit a wide range of curtain poles and tracks in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and the South Yorkshire area.

OUR range

Curtain Poles & Tracks

We supply leading brand curtain tracks and poles for all types of windows. Whether it’s corded or hand-drawn tracks, traditional curtain poles or poles with an integrated track.


Based in Sheffield, we are an independent supplier of curtain tracks and poles. Our range offer contemporary styling or if you’re looking for a more traditional look, we offer a varied selection of wood and metal curtain poles.


We offer a full service including measuring, supply, and installation.

WHICH IS more suitable?

Poles vs Track

Curtain poles are more visible, and are therefore more decorative by design as they form part of the look of your window dressing. There are many colour options and a selection of finial accessories available. Our Mix & Match pole range demonstrates how adaptable curtain poles can be. Most curtain types can be used with a curtain pole, using different hooks or rings.


Curtain tracks offer less variety and are usually white in colour. They’re designed to be purely functional, ensuring the focus is on your curtains. If you’d prefer the hanging method to remain subtle and unseen, curtain tracks are for you, as they will be almost entirely out of sight once your curtains are closed. If you have a bay window, plastic curtain tracks are often an ideal solution. They provide much needed flexibility for your bay window’s bends, are much easier to cut, and the brackets can usually be wall or ceiling fixed. Tracks are often more discreet than poles as the brackets don’t extend as far from the wall or ceiling.

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